York Business School in London.

A career building school.

A very warm welcome to York Business School in London.

We have created a dynamic, contemporary and exciting home for business learning in London.

A home for business learning that will take you to the very heart of current business thinking. A place that will introduce you to the latest developments in business innovation, development and growth.

This is a home for creating your future career.

We cannot wait to share our home for business learning with you.

A different way of thinking.

We want to help you think differently about business so that you positively stand-out and succeed in your future career in business.

We will encourage you to question current ways of doing business and we will work with you in finding new, feasible ways of doing things better.

We will develop your skills in business analysis so that you can identify new business opportunities quickly and assess whether these are commercially viable.

We will advance your business planning and development skills so that you can effectively grow and protect business opportunities.

We will introduce you to the thinking and ways of working of successful business leaders through regular masterclasses, site visits and business networking events.

We will challenge you to think and act in ways that are fair and responsible with respect to the treatment and protection of people and the planet.

We will encourage you to believe and demonstrate that business can be a force for good.


Fundamental to our ethos is working together to create business activity that is inclusive, 100% Human, champions social justice and has a commitment to ethical excellence. As such, we recognise that modern leaders and managers need to be supported to act sensitively, ethically and holistically in ways that are business-relevant and sustainable. As a signatory of UN Global Compact Initiative – Principles for Responsible Management Education and a member of the Prince of Wales Charity – Business in the Community we place responsible business and the role of business in society at the heart of all our activities.


As an innovative Business School in the heart of London, we work closely with the business communities we serve in the private, public and third sectors; locally, nationally and increasingly on an international basis. Our business engagement strategy is designed to provide events, learning interventions and consultancy, knowledge transfer and applied research within and for your organisation that is predicated on transformational management and leadership development for challenging times.

We hope you will find all the information you need on this website for us to work together to be part of something bigger and better for business creation now and in the future. Together we can make the possible happen at York Business School London.

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